Sarah Sherlock
Professional Organizer, Owner, & Founder MS Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Sarah Sherlock

7:22 PM (1 minute ago)

I was a very involved high school student; I was a high honor student, a varsity athlete, involved in 2-3 clubs a year, working 2 part-time jobs and the live-in babysitter for my younger siblings. Contrary to what you might imagine I was not a tidy or organized person when it came to my space. I can remember clear as day my mother would often walk into my bedroom and say “Why is your room such a mess? Your space is a reflection of your head.” I never really understood what she meant until I was in college and started taking psychology classes.

 After obtaining a Masters of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling I was finally able to understand and work through the overwhelm, stress, fear, guilt, and shame that was showing up in my life daily. These were the same emotions that were present in my physical space. Once I understood that I was free and to make decisions with confidence. I slowly began to reclaim my space by decluttering, minimizing, and organizing my belongings so that I could truly enjoy them.

My goal in life has always been to help others break through their overwhelm by leading them through small actionable steps. I love nothing more than watching someone have an “ah-ha” moment. It’s a reminder that you can always get unstuck and move forward. I’m right there with you practicing what I've learned and re-discovering what it means to take that first step forward all over again. I’d love to help you take the next step in your decluttering journey.

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